Estate Planning

I do not hold myself out like a Tax Attorney or complex Estate Planning Expert.  I certainly understand complex Estates, and I do have clients with complex estates I helped develop, but I would not independently draft planning documents for Estates in excess of $5,000,000.

However, very few people need that type of estate planning and do not need to spend the kind of money often charged for such complex planning. I make a sincere effort to keep an Estate plan as simple as possible while still providing a sound and sensible transfer of wealth upon death. I will determine if you need a simple or complex estate plan, and if you need a complex plan, I will recommend an attorney specializing in that area.  However, for most people, a simple Will, Living Will and/or Power of Attorney is more than sufficient, and I provide this service at a reasonable price and use that experience as an opportunity to get to know new clients and their families, and hopefully establish a lasting relationship of trust and confidence so that I may serve as counsel and “first stop” for all of your legal matters.

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