Insurance Litigation

Insurance companies and their insureds do not always agree on whether a claim is covered, and if covered, how much should be paid. I have represented insureds in many different types of claims, including flood, fire, homeowners, business interruption, and many others. I can read and understand policies that are often written so they are incomprehensible to the insured, and I have the creativity and intelligence to find ways to get my clients the coverage they deserve. I have represented people with collapsed basements, fire damage, flooded luxury cars, destroyed businesses, and many other types of damage or loss for which insurance may be available.  The insurance companies have experienced attorneys representing their position, and it takes a combination of tough litigating, legitimate valuation, and sensible negotiation to maximize the return on your premium investment.  I have resolved scores of such cases, whether it be in arbitration, appraisal, mediation, or litigation, and I have the ability and experience to see the matter through to a successful conclusion.

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